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Drug Crimes

In California, drug crimes are not taken lightly. Depending on the drug and the amount of drug in question, you could be facing serious felony charges. Here at the firm, we defend against a broad spectrum of drug charges including:

  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Sales and Distribution of illegal drugs
  • Manufacturing of illegal drugs
  • Prescription Drugs

Cases that involve large quantities of drugs and are alleging that the drugs were for sale are usually felonies that can expose you to State Prison Sentence.

Depending on Quantity of drugs, Packaging of drugs; many similar sized packages or one package, Scales or measuring devices, large amount of cash, presence/absence of personal use paraphernalia, pagers/ cell phones, The prosecutors will decide whether or not to charge you with Intent to sell drugs.

If you have been charged with any drug crime, you need to contact an attorney .Please contact Attorney Sue Sahami for a free case evaluation at (714) 619-9349.