Employment Law

Employment Law

At The Law Offices of Sue Sahami, we represent workers who have claims against employers who have failed to follow wage and hour laws. If you believe your rights to fair wages and compensation have been violated, you need to consult with an experienced California employment lawyer as soon as possible. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and federal laws, you are entitled to legal protection in such a situation,A knowledgeable and resourceful attorney can help enforce these protections and provided assistance in seeking the compensation you deserve.

Your employer may believe it is complying with the law when violations are actually occurring. Depending on your classification as an exempt or nonexempt worker, your employer must follow different laws. Nonexempt workers must be paid overtime wages for work that amounts to more than 40 hours in a week or eight hours in a day. They must be allowed a certain number of meal and rest breaks, and they must not work off the time clock. Exempt workers are paid salaried wages. They do not have specified break times, and they do not require overtime pay, but they are entitled to the timely payment of wages they earn, including commissions.

At The Law Offices of Sue Sahami, we help employees seek compensation they fairly deserve in a range of disputes, including:

  • Failure to pay wages correctly
  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Failure to pay overtime or the overtime rate
  • Denial of meal and/or break time
  • Requirement to work off the time clock
  • Requirement to share tips with management
  • Failure to categorize nonexempt and exempt staff properly
  • Refusal to timely pay after a worker has left the company

Ms.Sahami is dedicated to representing the rights of mistreated employees. Ms.Sahami has been practicing employment law throughout California since 1997, and she is devoted to protecting the rights of all workers. As an experienced and accomplished litigator, her skills allow our firm to investigate and prepare your case for success in obtaining the fair and just compensation you deserve.

Ms. Sahami is very easy and comfortable to work with, she is accessible and understanding, and she cares about her clients. Ms. Sahami started her own law firm in 1997, so she could offer the highest quality legal services to her clients in a personal and cost-effective manner.

Ms.Sahami works very hard to help her clients resolve their legal issues with their employers. Sometimes this can be achieved through negotiations between attorneys and/or mediation. This occurs before a lawsuit is filed with the court. When settlement efforts are not successful, Ms Sahami is fully prepared to take aggressive legal action on behalf of her clients, such as filing a lawsuit with the court.


Call our office at (714) 619-9349 to schedule an appointment to discuss your employment law issue. We offer a free initial consultation to most clients except in situations where you are seeking direct legal advice on documents or severance agreements.