Criminal Law

Theft Crimes

There are a wide variety of Theft Charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

Petty Theft (Penal Code Section 484)-Misdemeanor with maximum of 6 months jail/fines/probation.

Petty Theft with a Prior (Penal Code 666)-Can be charged as either a Misdemeanor or Felony. A Misdemeanor Petty theft with a Prior carries one year maximum in county jail. A Felony carries a maximum of 3 years in prison.

Grand Theft (Penal Code 487) is the theft of property over $400 in value. This can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, carrying 1 year or 3 years respectively.

Embezzlement This is a common charge for persons that are alleged to have stolen while serving as an employee or trustee of a business. This is a wobbler that can be filed as misdemeanor or felony.

Commercial Burglary (Penal Code 459) Can also be charged as Misdemeanor or a Felony with a maximum of 1 year or 3 years, respectively. Not considered a strike if filed as a felony.

Residential Burglary (Penal Code 459) is always a felony and carries a maximum of 6 years in prison. A res. Burglary is a strike offense.

Auto Burglary Basically, the burglary of the contents of a car. This can be treated as a misdemeanor or felony.

Robbery (Penal Code 211) Always a felony and always a Strike. To prove a robbery, the prosecution has to show that you acquired the victim’s property by fear or force. If they allege that a weapon was used, this nearly doubles your sentence. An allegation that a gun was used, adds 10 years to a Robbery.

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