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DUI and Injury

Have you ever been pulled over by an officer and are a little nervous because you know you have had a drink or two? Driving under the influence and getting into your vehicle is not the smartest decision. DUI is a major offense and can have many life-altering ramifications. Worse is, driving your vehicle and then getting into an accident while intoxicated. You are now also responsible for the cause of injury to one’s self and many others. Being in a driver’s accident is perhaps one of the worse ways to have your driving privileges revoked. When you get into a DUI accident there are many repercussions that will follow you for the rest of your life.

DUI and injury go hand in hand. Most of the time when a person is injured due to the negligence of an impaired driver it is extremely important to seek medical attention. Sometimes we don’t realize how severe an injury is, because at the time of the accident our bodies can go into shock. Many times when a person does not go to the hospital after an accident, they will, later on, realize that it was a big mistake. Injuries sometimes take time to show up and can sometimes be internal. After you go and get checked out, it is always important to then seek legal advice from one of our professional attorneys. Our team of certified lawyers specializes in getting you the legal advice you need when you want it.

Because we now know that DUI and injury go hand in hand, it’s important for the person that caused the accident to know they have rights as well. Many times when the defendant is being charged in a DUI case they normally would not know their full rights unless they have a background in law. This is when getting in touch with a lawyer comes in handy. Our attorneys have many years of helping clients know their rights and helping to turn a bad situation into one much fairer. We know how hard it is to go face to face with a person that you may have caused injury to, be we will always be right next to you through the entire process.

If you ever are going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle but aren’t sure if you’re intoxicated, make sure you take preventative measures.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while on the road:
• Never driver after drinking
• Stay in your vehicle if you’re stopped
• Do not volunteer information
• Never agree to a vehicle search
• If possible answer with a simple yes or no
• Avoid driving between the hours of 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM
• Tell your passenger to remain silent
• Never reach for anything without telling the officer first
• Pull into a public place and call for a ride

The next time you’re on the road and have had a couple of drinks, just take a little time to think about what can happen if you get behind the wheel. Not only can you cause injury to yourself, but to many other innocent bystanders that have a lot to live for. Penalties for “DUI with Injury” differ depending on the circumstances of your case and your criminal history background. Penalties increase for each subsequent DUI following your first DUI conviction. So do yourself a favor and just be smart. Whatever side of the accident you’re on, our lawyers are here to assist you with fast, effective, and professional service.

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