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First Time DUI Offense

We all know how serious driving under the influence can be, not only does it carry the stigma of being associated with a serious charge such as DUI, but also the after effects and continual reciprocal effects on life in general. But did you know that drugs and alcohol are considered to be amongst the most serious traffic violations? Whenever you’re trying to resolve a DUI charge, it can be extremely difficult, time-consuming. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just paying a fine and court cost. A first-time DUI can even result in jail time and could even cost you your driver’s license. Don’t ever let a DUI charge affect your permanent record. Our team of professionals have the experience you need to get you the results, you deserve!

Getting a DUI defense lawyer is extremely important, especially if you want to fight your case appropriately. Statistics show that the majority of DUI defendants who actually have hired a lawyer, get charges dismissed or never fiver filed. In some cases, a DUI lawyer can get its client acquitted altogether. So, if you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you don’t want to take your DUI lightly. There are ways to reduce your punishment and move past your DUI faster.  But only if you have the right DUI attorney on your side. The next time you or anyone you know gets pulled over for a DUI, instead of relying on the police and prosecutors to help you understand it, get in touch with our professionals to put it all into perspective.

In recent years, many States have passed a number of new laws, which have increased the penalties for DUI convictions. DUI charges for first-time offenders are extremely critical and perhaps the most serious traffic-related criminal matter a defendant can face. In many instances, if a person’s blood alcohol content is high enough, there may even be mandatory active jail time for a first offense, in addition to any other penalties or restrictions that a Judge may impose. Because we know how important it is to have a competent attorney who can properly analyze and dissect your situation from start to end, having us by your side will not only get you the results you’re looking for, but we will have you feeling confident and comfortable because we will be standing by your side the entire time.

A person is considered “under the influence” if they are substantially impaired by drugs, alcohol, or a combination of substances. In states like California, there are zero-tolerance laws in effect that prohibit underage age motorists from driving with a BAC of .01% or more. In many states, a DUI conviction will stay on your record and count as a prior conviction for ten years. In order to avoid ruining your record permanently, we fight as hard as possible for you each and every time we take on your case. Our team really cares about the well-being of our clients and want to make sure you are treated and represented correctly each time.

Let’s do the right thing and never drive while under the influence. But if something does come up, we are the team of professionals that will handle your situation with integrity and professionalism. Get in touch with us today for the best DUI defense services in town. You’ll be happy you did!

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