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Misdemeaner / Felony DUI Charges

Every responsible person should be able to go out and have a couple of drinks amongst friends while keeping in mind the safety of all concerned. We all share the road with everyone else. It is very easy to forget what happens when someone has one drink too many. It is a small tip-over but once someone has reached that stage, the last thing they think about is the legal alcohol consumption limit. The law places certain limits on the amount of alcohol that can and cannot be present in one’s body while driving. Remember, you are responsible for everyone one else on the road, No one should ever get into a vehicle under the influence, but when this does happen and you are pulled over, there are consequences that may come along with those actions. Whether the penalty is the result of a misdemeanor or felony, the one thing we can all agree on is this situation is a bad one, no matter how we look at it.

When is a DUI considered a misdemeanor? Most driving arrest made in today’s society involve misdemeanor charges which are much more serious than just a small, simple infraction. A misdemeanor is a less serious crime which can result in you paying a small fine, probation, or a short stay in jail. Many times, an individual can lose their driver’s license if convicted of a first offense DUI for a minimum of six months. In addition, if an accident was involved causing injury to another person, the driver can have their license suspended for one year. A misdemeanor conviction can also result in denial of gun permits, denial for some jobs being applied for, Ignition Interlocks, loss of professional licenses and much more.

How is a felony DUI determined? Is a felony DUI more serious than a misdemeanor? A felony conviction is far worse than a misdemeanor. Most of the time if an individual has a previous DUI conviction, additional drunk driving charges may be brought as felony charges. Having a felony on your criminal record will likely have far more of an impact on an individual in terms of educational and employment opportunities. This is why it’s extremely important to hire a great law firm to help you with your case. Our legal professionals will always provide you with uncompromising legal representation in court as well as in the Department of Motor Vehicles while making sure we always keep you well-informed every step of the way.

Felony DUI’s involve many more court proceedings than a misdemeanor. Because this is the case, it is always necessary to have a good DUI attorney by your side. Choosing the right law professional can determine whether you serve time in a prison cell or you pay a small fine. Always make sure you get the best representation when you’re taking on a DUI charge. Our team of professionals specializes in getting all clients the due process they deserve while being treated with dignity, respect, and integrity.

We always want you to feel comfortable when you’re taking on that DUI, so get in touch with us today for your first-time consultation. Our lawyers have been meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations for a long time and we can’t wait to do the same thing for you. Whether you or anyone you know have has a misdemeanor or felony DUI, we are here to help. Any questions or concerns that you may have will always be answered diligently and professionally.

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